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CHIOTTO PRODUCTION is a production comapny founded in 2019 by Tommaso Santambrogio. It has produced short films that have taken part in festivals around the world, and is currently developing the author's first feature film.

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Lav Diaz is a Filipino director, screenwriter, film producer, cinematographer, editor and actor. 

His films took part and won Venice International Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, and Cannes Film Festival.

Diaz is known for the length of his films (which reach up to twelve hours) and for the endless long shots that distinguish his filmic style. Precisely for these peculiarities of form, he is considered by international critics as one of the most important and innovative directors of the XXI century.


Werner Herzog is a German directorscreenwriterfilm producerwriter and actor.

Considered among the most important exponents of the so-called New German cinema, as well as one of the greatest living filmmakers, during his long career he produced, wrote and directed more than 50 films, as well as having published books and directed lyrical works. His films, often in between fiction and documentary, have coined a unique and incredible style.


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